We came back to help alleviate the lives of current PHS Batibo students, minimizing the challenges that they are facing today.
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BATAAS-USA: PHS Batibo Alumni Association is a non-profit organization with members who are alumni and alumnae of PHS Batibo located in Guka Batibo in Cameroon. As previous students of our Alma Mater, we have experienced the challenges that our current students are facing today. Through these experiences, we hope to make a difference.

We facilitate and implement a variety of programs in which the current students, as well as the faculty members, can take advantage of. In the bigger picture, we want PHS Batibo to not only be a school where one can acquire knowledge but also a community where unity, teamwork and empathy are present.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make PHS Batibo a nurturing and learning environment for the students by implementing different beneficial projects. We also focus on the lives of the students as well as the faculty staff.

Donate or volunteer today! If you have questions, please feel free to call 404-717-9313.