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Presbyterian High School Batibo, Cameroon

Prebyterian High School (PHS), Batibo needs your help with their water project. The accompanying pictures tell their story.

The Problem

group of kids fetching water

• Each morning the entire population of this mission boarding school assembles for roll call and prayer and then the first 3 hours of the day are spent fetching water for personal hygiene, cooking & cleaning.

group of kids fetching water

• The tiring 2 miles roundtrip to the valley to fetch water leaves the young students exhausted before the even get to class.

• The purity of the water is questionable, but there is no alternative.

group of kids fetching water

• The young students cross a busy Highway. the trans African High-way, to and from the water source.

Our Goal

group of kids fetching watergroup of kids fetching water

• The Alumni of PHS Batibo have launched a fundraising drive to raise funds for constructing a water system for the school. The goal is to raise the $20,000 required to construct a solar panel-powered pumping station from the water source uphill to the school and constructing a pipeng system for distributing the water to all dormitories, kitchen and staff.

Our Request

Your generous donation to this project will help…

• Provide clean water to PHS Batilo students.
• Increase time spent in the classroom and other educational activities as hours currently spent water fetching.
• Solve potential health problems associated with impure water and carrying each heavey load daily for 7 years.

group of kids fetching water


This report is written within the context of very challenging socio-political upheavals that have paralyzed a lot of activities within the Anglophone community (North West and South West Regions) in Cameroon. Socio-economic activities have greatly been affected and many planned activities could not just be carried out within time or not just carried out at all. There is general insecurity, especially after the 22nd of September and 1st October 2017. Schooling is just not effective and many schools, both government and denominational schools have been partly burnt down. Of our schools, PHS Batibo was attacked and some students beaten and their belongings burnt. PHS Bafut and PSST Bafut seriously burnt. Schools in the suburbs are just not functional. It’s pathetic! Our accounts with the BICEC Bank were interrupted by the government and money sent to the PCC from abroad for various activities was blocked. Presently war is going on in Manyu, and Mamfe is quite unsafe. Hundreds of our brothers and sisters have been killed, tortured, wounded with parts of their bodies permanently damaged, thousands in various jails across the country and more than 20.000 have taken refuge now in Nigeria as refugees. We kept hoping that things would get better to no avail, rather they seem to be getting worse. This atmosphere kept us quite busy doing things that were not planned, and attending to emergencies. Our Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), Anglophone Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and the General Secretary of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) were dragged to Court by the Cameroon government. This report is coming late due to the above situation that kept us in continuous stress, inactivity, suspense and uncertainty.

The Borehole Project
As already explained in the brief report on the project of 9th July 2017, the project at this level needs a water pump and accessories to be installed and the construction of a 60.000 liters capacity Water Tank.

A total amount of $10,000 and 120,000frs were handed to the Rev. Ajime Nelson for the installation of the Water Pump by Dr. Peter Akufongwe on the 08th August 2017 at the Douala International Airport. As explained and agreed with Dr. Fonjweng Godlove, a Solar driven Pump was agreed to be used, given its numerous advantages as noticed, over and against an electric driven water pump. A contractor was engaged and the solar pump and accessories installed and the pump is working. The Pump now is presently pumping water into the 16,000 liters SNEC Tank behind the Principal’s house for use, pending the construction of the 60,000 liters Tank.

Construction of the Water Tank
A contractor has already been engaged for this project by name Fonso Felix. His sketch plan was drawn, but it was difficult to meet him to collect it. We discussed by phone. I should be able to meet with him by January 2018. What is pending now is the work proper. This could not commence because money sent for this project was blocked by the Cameroon government at BECIC bank and was finally returned to America. The PCC has already engaged ECOBANK CAMEROUN SA as their bank for international transactions. As soon as the funds are available, this final phase of the project will commence.

Proposed Innovation
Given that the solar panels are generating more than enough current for the pump, it would be wise to purchase a battery to reserve the excess current for other uses like street lights for the school and for the Laboratory.

Statement of Account
The statement of account on the installation of the solar pump and related activities is independently attached to this report.


If there are any concerns, please draw my attention to. Indeed, it has not been easy at all. This was really a very difficult year! I have never been stressed up like this before. But thank God, He has given me the strength and protection. I wish you and your collaborators, special blessings from above. Pray for us in English Speaking Cameroon. We are living in between uncertainty, insecurity and war. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. We strongly solicit your prayers.

Rev. Ajime Nelson
Secretary to the Moderator, PCC
Water Project Supervisor


No. Date Description of Activities Amount (USD) Amount (CFA) Total Balance
1. 24/08/2017 Income 10.000.00 (RT) 5.500.000 5.500.000
2. 24/08/2017 Income 120.000 (RT) 120.000
5.620.000 5.620.000
No. Date Description of Activities Unit Amount (CFA) Total Balance Remarks
1. 24/08/2017 To collect money at Douala Airport (2 persons). Food and Night 120.000 120.000
2. 24/08/2017 Car hire/fuel 100.000 100.000
3. 25/08/2017 Car Repairs 65.000 65.000
4. 29/08/2017 Out of Station to PHS Batibo to discuss with Contractor and Principal (Car hire etc) 200,000 200,000 FO
5. 05/09/2017 Paid to Contractor for Solar Pump and Panels 2,500.000 2,500.000 RT
6. 05/09/2017 Two days PHS Batibo to install solar power and pump (Car Hire and related expenses 200.000 200.000 FO
7. 09/09/2017 Purchase of various accessories for the installation 77.000 77.000 RT
8. 10/09/2017 Hire Electrician for plumbing and electrical installation of the solar panels, pump and plumbing 200.00 200.00 RT
8. 10/09/2017 Labour for digging of trenches 100.000 100.000 RT
9. 11/10/2017 Two days Out of Station and Car hire to discuss with Architect for the construction of the 60.000 liters tank 200.000 200.000 FO
10. 05/11/2017 Two days out of Station and car hire to finalize discussion with the Architect. 200.000 200.000 FO
11. TOTAL 3,962.000 3,962.000 1,658.000
BALANCE 1,658.000

Explanation of Abbreviations
RT: Receipt Available
FO: As in the Finance Order of the PCC based on Cameroon labour code