BATAAS-USA: PHS Batibo Alumni Association has an Executive Committee responsible for running the day-to-day operations of our organization. The members of the Executive Committee are as follows:


Comfort M. Ateh
Comfort M. Ateh, PhD
National President

Charles AbgorEta Mfortow
Charles AbgorEta Mfortow. BSc. Information Systems Management
National Vice President

Peter Fru Akufongwe
Peter Fru Akufongwe, CPh MBA PhD
Treasurer & CFO

Oscar Nebangwa
Oscar Nebangwa. BSc. Accounting, MBA. Business Administration
National CFO

Marie-Noel Tafah-Pafe
Marie-Noel Tafah-Pafe
National PRO

Godlove T. Fonjweng
Godlove T. Fonjweng, Ph.D.
Committee Chair for Water Project

Christine Pafe
Christine Pafe, DEA English Private Law, DEA Banking and Finance, BSN/RN
President of Houston Branch

Consilia Mukum
Consilia Mukum
President DC Branch

Paul Nyambi
Paul Nyambi
Atlanta Chapter President

Jack Tatang
Jack Tatang
President Dallas Chapter

Taboh George
Taboh George
President Boston Chapter

Florence Fonjweng
Mrs. Florence Fonjweng (Chief Whip)
Welfare Officer